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9 Surefire Signs Your Cat Trusts You

Understanding a cat's level of trust is like deciphering a feline cryptogram - it requires a keen eye for subtle cues and a deep connection with your pet. Unlike dogs, who often wear their hearts on their sleeves (or tails), cats express their trust more subtly. However, once you've unlocked that trust, it's a clear indication that you've built a strong bond with your feline friend. But. how can you tell if you're on the "trusted human" list or not?

Here are 9 ways your cat might be telling you just how much you mean to them.


1. Slow Blink of Love

Ever shared a prolonged, slow blink session with your cat? That's their way of conveying that they feel safe and secure enough to take their eyes off you. This "cat kiss" is a display of a cat's genuine affection and trust in their human. To reciprocate, blink slowly at your cat. Chances are, you'll be greeted with an approving kitty gaze and a serenading purr.


2. Cheek Rubs and Head Butts

When your cat initiates a cheek rub or a gentle head butt, it’s not just about an itch or a nuzzle; it's a transfer of feline pheromones that are unique to them. In the wild, cats use these scent glands to mark their territory and other members of their colony. It's essentially saying, "This human is mine, and I trust them completely."


3. Exposing the Belly

For many cat owners, having their cat roll over and display their belly is a heart-melting moment. While it's a common misconception to interpret it as an invitation to scratch, in cat world, it's a display of total trust. A cat’s belly is a vulnerable spot, and by exposing it, they're telling you they feel safe and don’t perceive you as a threat.


4. Tail Position and Twitches

Cats communicate through their tails. A cat that approaches you with a tail held high, with a slight curve at the tip, is expressing happiness and trust. This is known as the question mark tail and is an open invitation for interaction. Conversely, a low and puffed tail might indicate the opposite – it’s time to give your cat some space.


5. Vocalization

While most think of cat meows as a simple cry for food, cats have incredibly nuanced pitch and tone in their meows that they reserve for people they trust and love. Think of it as the cat trying to mimic the rise and fall of a human conversation. If your cat is having "chats" with you using these special meows, consider it a vocal affirmation of your bond.


6. Curving the Tip of the Tail

A cat that walks towards you with a curving tip of the tail is displaying total comfort and contentment. This tail position, often seen when a cat hangs out or wanders with you, indicates a positive emotional state. It's a casual way of saying, "I feel good and happy to be around you!"


7. Sleep Position

If your cat snoozes in the same room as you, or better yet, in your lap or on your bed, congrats, you've earned a place in their inner circle. A cat that sleeps with its belly up and limbs stretched out is another display of trust, as it’s one of the most vulnerable positions a cat can be in.


8. Affectionate Licking

Grooming is a cat’s way of showing love, and when your cat licks you (and doesn't stop), it's the feline version of a bear hug. By licking, they’re marking you with their scent, just like they would with a feline friend. Don’t take it for granted; this is a sign your cat sees you as part of their family.


9. Purring

Last but not least, we have the universally recognized sound of feline contentment – purring. Cats not only purr when they're pleased, but also when they're feeling particularly relaxed and trusting. Purring is a natural calmer for cats and can often be heard when you’re giving them attention and they’re feeling especially safe.


While these signs are generally indicative of trust, remember that every cat is unique and might express their feelings in their own way. Interpreting your cat's behavior is a mix of reading various signals and learning to understand your pet's individual personality. The key to building trust with your cat is patience, love, and respect for their boundaries. With these in place, you and your cat can enjoy a relationship built on deep mutual trust.


For more insights into deciphering your feline companion's behavior, be sure to check out our blog. And remember, sometimes a slow blink or a quiet moment of companionship can speak volumes in the silent conversation you have with your cat each day.

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